We aim to be second to none in providing automotive luxury services, as we understand customers’ needs.

We aspire to have a unique presence in the Qatari automotive market and to have a mark in this industry.

We care about details, luxury and utmost hospitality is present in every step of your journey with us.

We respond to the changing needs of the society and customers, as we believe that communication is essential to our success.

About Exclusive Motors

In Exclusive Motors, we are committed to staying true to our name, as our exclusivity extends to our customer service too. We intend on changing the perception of luxury cars services, where we hope to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our main aim is to provide the highest standard of professionalism and service in Qatar. In order to achieve excellence, an experienced team will be assisting you in every step of the way. Exclusive Motors is a subsidiary of Al Emadi Enterprises, which had been long known for its exceptional services and reputation in Qatar.


We are passionately committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that exceeds customer’s expectations by our well-trained experienced team.


To position ourselves as the leader in the sports and luxury automotive market in Qatar with a remarkable customer service.

Message from CEO

In Exclusive Motors, our focus is to provide an exceptional customer care and customer service. With a vision of becoming the leader in the sports/luxury automotive market, we are utilizing our expertise in diverse sectors to make sure that we are exceeding customer’s expectations, as we believe that we can bring a remarkable experience in the automotive market in Qatar. We are fully committed to our philosophy of customer satisfaction and how important it is, this underlies the basis of our company and its operations, where we focus on providing exceptional quality in every step of the way.

Mr. Jassim Al Emadi